Oswego Girls League



Road to Success Oswego Girls League and WSYL are pleased to announce they will be joining forces to provide the biggest and best girls league in Chicagoland. The desire for all teams to increase the variety of competition makes the NEW WSYL GIRLS LEAGUE a win for everyone. Over 120 girl teams from across Chicagoland are expected for the 2019-2020 Fall/Winter Season.


· Increased number of teams to improve competition and diversity

· Power Rankings are tracked throughout the season

· Game MVP’s weekly and All-Star Game at the end of the season

· Smart Scheduling will put teams against appropriate competition

· The NEW League will provide diversity and limit playing the same teams over and over

· Variety of locations throughout the Western Suburbs


· Sunday League Begins November 3

· Playoffs held in February

· All-Star Friday Night in Late February

· Teams have the following options:

o Full League – 16 games (12 league games + 4 Playoff games) – $875

o Flex League – 12 games (8 league games + 4 Playoff games) – $675

o League Games – One league day at a time (6 game min to qualify for Play-offs) – $115

· Games will be played in multiple venues throughout the season to draw teams from all areas of the West Suburbs and allow teams to play a portion of their games close to home.


Registration details are available NOW at www.cybntournaments.com or www.futurebb.com.

You can also go directly to the WSYL Homepage

September 30 is the deadline for Full or Flex League Registration

· Teams have the following options:

o Full League – 16 games (12 league games + 4 Playoff games) – $875

o Flex League – 12 games (8 league games + 4 Playoff games) – $675

o League Games – One league day at a time (6 game min to qualify for Play-offs) – $115

If you have any questions, please contact:

Todd Wolfe : [email protected] 331-684-8608

Jason Wiertel: [email protected] 847-989-4200

Kylie Smith: [email protected] 309-230-6160

You may also visit www.cybntournaments.com or www.futurebb.com for details.


Q: Why are the two leagues merging?

A: The 2 most important factors for a Girls League are appropriate competition and diversity. Merging leagues takes both factors to an unprecedented level for girls’ teams in Chicagoland.

Q: How can teams be sure they will play the appropriate competition?

A: At the beginning of the season, teams will play teams based on coach “self-rating” of their team. After games begin, all scores are reported, and each team receives a power ranking based on game results. This POWER RANKING is used to schedule games each week. Throughout the year, and teams may move up and down in the rankings and their scheduled competition will adjust throughout the season.

Q: Can I request to have my games scheduled at specific location each week?

A: Playing at various locations will make this league special. If all the same teams wanted to always play at the same venue, it would limit the diversity and competition. That being said, we make every attempt to limit travel for teams and we would guess more than half the time, teams will be assigned to the venue closest to their home.

Q: Are there any other options than playing only on Sunday?

A: All league games will be played on Sunday only to make planning simple. Teams who want to play on Saturday will be able to join CYBN tournaments any Saturday throughout the season.

Q: If our team does not commit to the Full League, can we still participate?

A: The WSYL League is designed to plug in outside teams at any time to increase diversity and competition and also to allow outside teams to experience the WSYL difference. Teams can also choose additional dates to play even if they are in the Full League.

Q: Will there be Play-offs to crown a division winner?

A: Most definitely yes. We encourage the competition and want to recognize teams for special accomplishments. The winners of each division Play-off will have their name added to a plague annually to be displayed at Supreme Courts.

Q: How are MVP’s determined and how do players make the All-Star team?

A: Each game, each coach will choose an MVP from the opposing team and present them with an MVP tag. Each tag has an ID# that the player will use to submit the tag on-line. Once the tag is submitted, it counts as a “vote” for the All-Star game. The players with the most MVP tags will be selected to the All-Star game at the end of the season.

Q: Is there an admission charge for league games?

A: There will be a $5 charge for spectators each week to watch league games.

Q: Are there CYBN discounts available to league teams?

A: Any teams who register for WSYL League will receive the lowest price for all CYBN tournaments for the remainder of the Fall/Winter Season.